2 years ago

How to use the alcohol tester

Alcohol testerl actually a fairly simple way to use the waiting time.

Warm Up and Blow for 5 seconds or more on the screen that the Blow and Blow continuously displayed within 10 seconds, the buttons to operate even when there is a majority to the blowing of a button breathalyzer. Some power saving features, which will shut down automatically. Without the need to shut down your system.


The breathalyzer will provide the reader with a BAC reading unit 2 is a warning that should be on the alert 1. BAC has not reached the threshold means that you can control your own pace and is conscious. If you are driving, I suggest you drink alcohol when driving. Because when you come across the police, even if the BAC is less a 0.05 BAC, you can get caught in the same 2. If a message warning that dangerous, you should seek shelter. And not drive it because it will cause harm. The conscious control is not Caused controversy Due to an accident Very high alcohol level This is dangerous to you, friends and family.

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Why eat protein and eat it to seeing the results.

Whey protein is a muscle or a bodybuilder must eat. However, some people may still not know why whey protein that aids muscle development partners. Today I'll take you to know you, this supplement it.
From each bundle of muscle protein is a major component. Therefore, eating strengthen muscles that we need to eat protein. As we all know that. Protein is responsible for repairs And maintenance, the wear and tear of the body. As well as strengthening the muscles healthy, too. But protein Or some protein sources that are good sources of protein. Ideal for muscle or a bodybuilder.